About Us

For Contest Winners

HonorBiz provides high-quality plaques and memorabilia for professionals and companies that have won awards from publishers. We partner directly with publishers to be the AUTHORIZED provider of these items, which is an important distinction from unauthorized sellers who market products without the publication's knowledge, and without any accountability to the publication. From HonorBiz, you're purchasing verified, official memorabilia straight from the source, and supporting your local publication by not funding unauthorized sellers who compete with them!

For Publishers

Partnering with HonorBiz means taking a stand against unauthorized sellers. HonorBiz protects your brand image by designing high quality plaques with your branding and logo. These plaques increase awareness of your brand and help set you apart as an authority in the market. HonorBiz also provides marketing expertise and resources, and we take on the labor so you don't have to. Let HonorBiz handle your next memorabilia campaign for a big contest like Top Doctors or Best Lawyers! Interested in generating a new "Best" List for a new industry category? We can connect you with DataJoe Research, our sister company, which delivers professional lists to publishers all over the nation. We believe in creating win-win relationships and that means quality, communication, and transparency.